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Heads and Pumps

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bilge pump hose

$2.47 USD

Shields PVC Flex Hose 1″for Bilge Pump

$3.29 USD

Shields PVC Flex Hose 3/4″ for Bilge Pump (SOLD PER FOOT)

$38.62 USD

Rule Standard 3 Way Panel Switch

$56.71 USD

Rule-A-Matic Float Switch

$60.00 USD

Rule-A-Matic Float Switch with Inline Fuse Holder

$61.65 USD

Rule 3 Way Rocker Panel Switch

$72.34 USD

Rule-A-Matic Plus HD Float Switch

$74.81 USD

Rule 1100 GPH Submersible Bilge Pump

$75.63 USD

Rule-A-Matic Plus HD Float Switch with Fuse Holder

$89.61 USD

Rule Deluxe 3 Way Panel Switch

$103.59 USD

Rule Submersible 500GPH with Switch

$106.06 USD

Rule Submersible 500 GPH Bilge Pump with HD Switch

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