Emperor Racing is a Canadian company offering premium quality off-road motorcycle guards. We make our products with high grade aluminum, for strong and light weight protection.

  • Motorcycle products – We offer the best protection for your off road / enduro machine
  • Heavy Duty Skid Plates
  • Radiator Frames
  • Radiator Frame Grills – as add-ons for the Radiator Frame
  • Billet Radiator Guard (all new design)
  • Radiator Guards
  • Light Duty Skid Plates
  • Glide Plates
  • Linkage Skid Plates
  • Hand Guards and mounting kits

Protect your bike from the roughest conditions nature can throw at you. Take the sting out of costly radiator and engine case damage. Protect your bank balance and investment. Emperor Racing designs and tests our products in the west coast Rockies, where some of the harshest riding terrain exists.

Company History

2005 – Our company was founded by launching our first product the Radiator Guard to the Canadian market (under the Scorpion Racing brand).

2006 – Canada felt the sting again with the release of the Lightweight Skid Plate and the Glide Plate.

2008 – We were ready to sting the world with our latest innovations, the Heavy Duty Skid Plate and the Radiator Frame.

We believe the Heavy Duty Skid Plate is the best skid plate available on the market today. Constructed out of 3/16” thick high-grade aluminum, with a scorpion carved into into each wing for bling factor, hand tig-welded and with all-aluminum mounting brackets and metric fasteners, you can’t go wrong. This is the PERFECT product for the hard core off-road rider.

The Emperor Radiator Frame is available for most major motorcycle brands, constructed out of 3/16” aluminum and comes with 11mm hex bars for cross supports. This open front design allows you to still run your stock radiator louvers for maximum air flow. This is the ULTIMATE in side impact protection for your radiator.

2010 – We developed a Grill Front for the Rad Frames, as many riders wanted the benefit of the Radiator Frame and the front protection of our Radiator Guard. Now you can have both with the Rad Frame and Frame Grill Add-On.

2011 – We have added more products to keep your bike in top shape like the Linkage Skid Plate, Pipe Guards, and our full line of Hand Guards.

2012 – Unfortunately, we have been forced off our original name due to trade mark law in Canada by Pirelli Tire Corporation and will now operate under the new name, Emperor Racing.

2015 – We decided to branch out into aluminum boats and made our first prototype mini jet boat.

2016 – We have our first Mini-Wee jet boat demo unit. We will be testing it all summer.

2016 – We introduced the one piece T6 Billet radiator guard. Designed for the new KTM 250, 350 & 450 SX & XC models. This is the strongest and most compatible design on the market to protect your radiator.

We would like to thank all our customers for supporting us over the years and we look forward to helping you with your future guarding needs.