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FREE Moto Tie Downs

FREE Moto Tie Downs

Tired of seeing your bike wobble as you haul it back and forth. Your tie downs are either too narrow and Harbor Freighty or made of rubber.

Tired of scratching the heck out of your handlebars because you don’t have any soft hook tie downs? You need soft hook tie downs.

Tired of feeling tired? You get the idea…

We’re stoked to have our own branded tie downs, complete with Emperor Racing logo and the phrase “Feel the sting”; as in a scorpion sting, ’cause it’s in our logo. Not sure why you’d want that… To each his /her own.

Here’s the Tie Down you can buy: https://www.emperorracing.com/product/emperor-racing-moto-tie-downs/

You can get a pair free if you buy more than $600CAD by adding the code FreeTieDowns22 as a coupon. Don’t forget to choose a color or you cannot proceed through checkout, which would suck for both of us.